Company overview

Management policy

Customer first・ Employee first ・ Contribute to society

We work for our customers sincerely through electrical and plumbing works.
We help employees grow and contribute to the world.

We, KYOUDENPLANTKOUJI, engage in condominium construction electrical construction and wide-area government office construction in Yokohama city, mainly in Yokohama city.

We would like to energetically carry out electrical work in Yokohama, a city that is still growing due to the opening of the Ken-O Expressway in 2015 and the holding of the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

In addition, as a new challenge, we would like to actively take on the challenges of electrical work and instrumentation work for manufacturing equipment.

Thank you for your support.



Management Philosophy

  • Achieving the well-being of society, employees, and customers
  • Nurture employees and contribute to society
  • Positive employees / positive work

Basic principle

  • The purpose of the company  : Contributing to society with technology and knowledge
  • Company policy  : Move forward with positive mind

Ethical Code of Conduct

We comply with the following code of conduct as our basic policy for corporate activities.

・We act with fair feelings and sincerity toward our employees, customers and partner companies.

・We comply with all laws and rules related to us.

・We conduct a fair and ethical free competition for all businesses, with fairness in procuring materials, negotiating and fulfilling contracts.

・We pay the utmost attention and respect to the information resources and assets of the company and customers, and strive to use and preserve them. We will provide a safe and healthy work environment, emphasize the protection of the global environment, and strive for harmony with the local community.

・We continuously improve the KPK CSR management system, aiming for more advanced system construction and community-oriented CSR results.

・We refuse antisocial behavior and activities with a resolute attitude.

Community-oriented CSR policy

We always move forward brightly to contribute to regional revitalization.

・ We aim to be the best company in the region with customer satisfaction.

・ We actively carry out social contribution activities for the local community.

・ We Provide and support the resources necessary for employees.

・ We carry out business activities in consideration of the local environment and appreciate limited energy resources.

・ We maintain equal relationships with our business partners, conduct fair and sincere transactions, and aim for development together.

・ We comply with laws and regulations in all business activities and carry out transparent activities.

・ We strive to achieve our goals and objectives with constant improvement.

Company overview

Company name




Headquarters location

7-7 Aoki-cho, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa, 221-0057, Japan
TEL. 045-440-3661
FAX. 045-440-3662


10 million yen

Year of establishment


number of employees


Board member

Senior Managing Director Jun Imamura
Director  Rumi Kobayashi
Auditor Seiji Nishimoto

Main bank

MUFG Bank, Ltd.
The Bank of Yokohama,Ltd.


July 1, 1975

Founded an electrician business as an individual business

April 14, 1976

Company establishment
capital 1 million yen

December 1, 1982

Changed capital to 4 million yen

April 16, 1984

Changed capital to 6 million yen

May 30, 1989

Changed capital to 10 million yen

Main customer

Kanagawa Prefecture
Yokohama City
Kinden Corporation
Yokohama City Building Conservation Corporation
Seiwa Corporation

Group company

TEL 045-440-3661